(Pierke) I.S. Bosschieter, freelance indexer

I can provide the following:


 Back-of-the-book indexes

†††††††††† for paper books or e-books

†††††††††† name, subject and general indexes

†††††††††† in Dutch, English or German

†††††††††† for non-specialist† and specialist† publications

†††††††††† according to ISO standard and/or publisherís style sheets

†††††††††† delivery on or before the deadline

 e-Book indexes

 Website indexes

 Compiling of bibliographies and bibliographic information in notes

 Coaching of beginning indexers and authors who want to index their own

†††† publications

 Workshops about indexing

†††††††††† Workshops for authors and technical writers (see report in Dutch)

†††††††††† Workshops for editors and publishers (see report)


Subject Specialties:




 Biographies and Memoirs

 Food, Science of Nutrition, and Cooking

 History, Modern

†††††††††† Africa

†††††††††† Business History

†††††††††† Europe

†††††††††† Middle East

†††††††††† Second World War


 ††††† Humanitairian Law

†††††††††† Environmental Law


 Music, Theatre and Film

 Nature and Gardening



†††††††††† Asian

†††††††††† Christianity

†††††††††† Judaism†††††††† ††††††††††

†††††††††† Islam

 Sciences, Popular

Price indication:

Per indexable page I charge between £2.50 and £5.00. Usually an index for a non-specialist text costs £ 2.80 per page, the index to an average scholarly book £3.25. These figures can be used as a basis for estimating the total cost of an index.† I can give you a final estimate, depending on the complexity of the text and the sort of index required, after Iíve seen the proofs.

I can make use of the following software:




 SKY Index